Malaysia is blessed by incorporating from the richest waters on earth, providing the place to find countless marine species; a few of which are becoming endangered and can”t be found in other seas. With such an easy marine ecosystem, there is no wonder why Malaysia is a top destination for many divers and more is also visited by both scuba enthusiasts and underwater photographers all around the globe. There are many dive sites within this country, and that includes the world-famous island of Borneo. For many diving enthusiasts and underwater photographers, to dive Borneo is to dive into a paradise of lovely and truly captivating underwater life. Look at portfolios online Browsing through photographers” portfolios online is the most effective way of selecting a shortlist of wedding photographers. Looking at other weddings they may have photographed, you”ll be able to ascertain if you want their style. Ask yourself a few questions at this stage – Do they capture the feel of the afternoon? Do the bride and groom and guests look relaxed in the photos? Is there a wide range of forms of photos – groups, posed shots, informal capturing as soon as shots, detail shots of decor, cake etc. lots of laughter and fun. After the shots are taken the editing begins, I prefer to edit each photo, sure some of them make use of the same editing styles but I prefer to do each manually just as if it were the one photo being published to your client. Chain studios batch inside the files and edit them at the same time sticking with the same techniques. It is important that you have a standard written agreement that”s signed by the bride- and groom-to-be as well as the photographer. There is no excuse for not having this document in place. It should describe the deliverables along with the fees linked to the service and products. It should have a model release so you can utilize the photos for promotional purposes. It is highly recommended that you just contact an attorney and draft a standard agreement that protects you. Meet the wedding photographer Once there is a shortlist, discuss what you really are seeking at the wedding with all the wedding photographers you have selected, ensuring you meet them face-to-face, so that you experience an idea of their personality and whether or not this will benefit you. If they make you feel calm and relaxed and inspire confidence only at that meeting, you happen to be prone to enjoy having them around right then and there itself. A personality clash at this stage will probably be intensified through the stress of the day, so choose your gut feeling about this. Get a quote so you can cover your wedding reception photography.


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